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June 2016 AeGeENDA

Hey there AEGEEans! There’s life beyond the SUs! And these amazing events in June and July confirm it! Take a look, and apply to make this summer the-best-summer-of-your-life!Leer más / Read more

May 2016 AeGeENDA


Hey there AEGEEans!

May is here filled with amazing events! Yaaaaaay! Have a look at them and make the most of May!

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April 2016 AeGeENDA


Good afternoon, AEGEEans!!!

English version is back, and prettier than ever!! So, special thanks to AEGEE-Oviedo for making it possible. We really appreciate for their hard work!

Here, you can find the list with the most awesome events organized around Europe! Would you like to know more about them?? Then, read on!!

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