Whole Europe is a theatre (Europe on Track 3 & AEGEE-A Coruña)


Europe on Track and AEGEE- A Coruña have bound themselves to break the borders in Europe. EoT is a Project created by AEGEE-Europe in cooperation with InterRail in order to connect young people throughout the continent, giving them the opportunity to express their own points of view and catching the future of Europe together.

This year, AEGEE- A Coruña is fortunate to host 3 participants, from 6th to 8th of May. We will have several activities with them, workshops, discussions, games… where we will have the chance to get to know a little bit else about AEGEE, the project, and how to remove borders in Europe.
Besides, we will perform a little representation on the street, trying to show people the current situation of the continent.

Do you want to join us? Just fill this form before Thursday and we will send you the details by email
More info in our Facebook event.