What is AEGEE?

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1. What is AEGEE?

● Network of associations of students that is present in more than 200
universities from all over Europe.
● Formed by restless youth for Europe in creation and the perfect excuse
to travel, to meet people, other cultures, and to show yours to
foreign students.
● Promotes a Europe without prejudices, cultural diversity and knowledge.
● Not linked to any political party and nonprofit.
● Perhaps the best of AEGEE is that all this activity is carried out in a
friendly atmosphere and there is always a place for the party…

2. How does it work?

Two fields:
● Local: “Antenna”
I. shaped by local associations such as ours.
II. Composed of University students and ex-students.
● European level:
I composed of all members and “antennas” AEGEE…
II. Coordinated by the Steering Committee (Board of Directors) from Brussels.
III. Working Groups (working groups) International upon different

3. What is does in AEGEE?

● Summer Universities: is the activity of AEGEE. Each summer, the
antennae of AEGEE organized language courses or other materials at prices
very low (because they are organized by student volunteers). In addition
course is offered a programme of leisure and culture (cultural visits,  parties and excursions).
● Working groups: formed by members of AEGEE in different cities
and its purpose is to act on relevant aspects for Europe from our
particular vision as an association.
● Other events: throughout the year are carried out throughout Europe all kinds of
events such as winter universities, conferences, thematic events of
Carnival holidays, ski, gastronomic weeks, environmental weeks,
public relations, creativity and advertising, politics, human rights,

4. AEGEE A Coruña

● We are an “antenna” or local association which is part of the AEGEE network.
● We are supported by the UDC (Universidade da Coruña).
● The Association was created in 2007.
● Our main activities are erasmus, exchanges with other trips
associations in Europe, linguistic tandems, summer university, courses of
training for partners…
● Are over 80 members, of which 15-20 are the most common working group.