How to apply for a SU?

Would you like to go from Summer this summer? Here we provide the process leaving a few simple steps below.

Check out the official list of SU. There you’ll find all your’s and the characteristics of the same.

  1. A member of AEGEE A Coruña still isn’t it?? Follow the instructions to become a member.
  2. Sign up on the intranet in order to request your their. This step is important both at the level of the summer as to ask for the rest of events that leave throughout the year. For this purpose please fill this form. Once you have completed the form and click on “Sign Up”, you will be sent an email to confirm your email address. When you confirm your email address, AEGEE A Coruña will validate your intranet account, and therefore you will receive an email with your user name and password.  Don’t do in the last moment. Until we do not validate it you can not access the Intranet of AEGEE – Europe.
  3. Fill in the Application form. In the first step you can check the personal data of your Intranet account. Also here you can write your previous experience in AEGEE (if any) and describe how would your ideal Summer University. Then you have to choose a maximum of three Summer Universities in order of preference.
  4. Then write a different letter for each of the its have chosen. Don’t forget to write in English (or native language of the antenna) If you know this letter will be the main factor to be elected in a Summer University, so be creative. In the last step you’ll see a summary of your application. You can edit it at any time by clicking on “Fill in Application Form” on the top menu.
    You should include some of these points:

    • Explains why you want to go to there.
    • What do you like about the program of the SU? What you expect?
    • Have participated in similar projects (or not) to SU?
    • Why should you be chosen over other candidates?
  5. It is already. It has already started your journey towards the best summer of your life.

If you have selected more than one Summer University, your letter will go to the SU in that you can have more chances to be chosen as a participant. The process of pre-selection will be held automatically by a computer. Applicant is pre-selected to one his. You will know where you have been pre-selected. If you choose only one SU, the system will you assign to it automatically.

The organizers of the SU for which have been shortlisted you will receive your letter of motivation, and according to it, you will accept or not. If you are accepted, they will be in contact with you, always by email. The information from that moment will be directly between the organizers of the your and you. In the case that you are not accepted, from AEGEE A Coruña you will be sending information to your email on vacant in Open call, which sometimes are many each week.


And remember, if at any step you have difficulties, you can email us at